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German independent hostels

This website provides a list of german hostels not belonging to the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH). Hostels offer low budget accomodation primarily in shared rooms for backpackers. Privately run, independent hostels tend to be smaller, more friendly and more communicative. The list is a private project promoting this style of travelling.

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Asendorf (1 Hostel)
Bamberg (1 Hostel)
Bellin (1 Hostel)
Berlin (26 Hostels)
Brandenburg (1 Hostel)
Bremen (2 Hostels)
Cologne (Köln) (4 Hostels)
Dresden (5 Hostels)
Düsseldorf (1 Hostel)
Erfurt (2 Hostels)
Frankfurt (am Main) (2 Hostels)
Freiburg (1 Hostel)
Grünheide (Mark) (1 Hostel)
Hamburg (5 Hostels)
Hannover (1 Hostel)
Heidelberg (1 Hostel)
Hildesheim (1 Hostel)
Ihlow (1 Hostel)
Kiel (2 Hostels)
Leipzig (2 Hostels)
Lübeck (1 Hostel)
Munich (München) (8 Hostels)
Münster (1 Hostel)
Nürnberg (2 Hostels)
Osnabrück (1 Hostel)
Plankenfels (1 Hostel)
Regensburg (2 Hostels)
Rostock (1 Hostel)
Ruhrgebiet (area) (5 Hostels)
Saxon Switzerland (2 Hostels)
Stralsund (1 Hostel)
Stuttgart (1 Hostel)
Trier (1 Hostel)
Ulm (1 Hostel)
Weimar (2 Hostels)
Würzburg (1 Hostel)

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